Looking to level up your business

but not sure where to start?

Spend 60 minutes with me getting answers to all of your burning questions! If it’s within my area of expertise, I’ll share what I can. If it’s something I’m not too familiar with, I can point you to great resources to give you everything you need!

Course Creation Ottawa | Kajabi Specialist

Pick my brain

about all things web and tech

During our 60 MIGHTY MINUTES, feel free to ask me any questions related to the following topics:

  • Course creation & memberships
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • E-commerce
  • CRM & CMS Workflows

You can ask as many questions as we can fit into your 60-minute slot. You’ll receive a recorded copy of the call and a summary of the resources you may need to take action.

This time is all about you! I want you to get as much out of this call as you can so you can come out of it feeling like you can take on the world! 

Client Love

I approached Go with Flo because ….

Tara possesses a wealth of knowledge and resources pertaining to building and growing a business online and it is extremely helpful to pick her brain about new ways to go about things.

Tara helped me by ….

Giving me some clarity on what I need to learn/what is achievable with my current skillsets

The result was ….

Getting some of these projects off the ground & scheduled for completion!

One thing I liked was ….

The support post-session, session follow up so I didn’t have to excessively take notes and just ask questions as they came up.

I found the experience ….

Really motivating and it cleared up a lot of anxiety I was having about taking on projects I have less experience with

I would recommend Go with Flo to people who need ….

Guidance/leadership/someone to save the day. 

I highly recommend Tara’s services to anyone at any skill level to ensure your efforts to grow your business are landing the way you want them to. It takes a village, and Tara at Go With Flo is your team for just that!

How to Maximize Your Call


Calls will happen via Zoom so that we are able to screen share, and record our session if necessary! I definitely encourage you to take notes, so make sure to have a pen and paper handy! If you would like a copy of the call, it can be recorded upon request so you can refer back to the information I give you whenever you need it.

During the session

Before the Call

Make sure you have a space to sit in front of your computer for 60 uninterrupted minutes so that we can get the most out of our call. I also recommend that you prepare a list of the questions that you’re looking for the answers to. Even better, email it to me before our call so I can come into our call extra prepared so I can give you the best possible answers I can!

Why ask


I’ve been providing businesses with creative solutions for 10 years as a Virtual Assistant and OBM helping business owners move forward with their business goals! 

I love helping business owners to achieve big results while doing what I love!

I’m a Honeybook Educator and a web design expert that loves all things tech! I’ve fully managed a 6-figure Shopify store for 4+ years and created dozens of courses for a variety of entrepreneurs. My diverse work background helps me to relate to many of the entrepreneurs and business owners I work with to create solutions that work for them!

Tech & Topics

We can discuss

Web Design
Branding & Marketing
Running a Business
Course Creation
Virtual Assistants

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