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Are you Frustrated

With Tech?

Are you frustrated with feeling like tech roadblocks are constantly holding you back? Like your to-do list has the same items on it week after week? You can’t let technology stall your business any longer.

My Flourish VIP Day is designed to tackle your to-dos without you lifting a finger. It’s the perfect service for business owners that don’t need a full-time virtual assistant, they just have a handful of items that need to be handled. Quickly.

That’s where I come in! I’m your tech-savvy virtual assistant. By booking me for the day (or multiple days, depending on your needs), you can ensure that I will get things done for you and optimize your tech systems while you fully step into your zone of genius. 

Just leave your to-do list to me.


Possible Tasks To Tackle


WEB DEVELOPMENT – Depending on how fast you require this, I can develop a custom 1-3 page website for you (may take longer than 1 day to complete).

SALES PAGE OR LANDING PAGE DESIGN – I can design your sales page as well as a thank you page (if you have copy ready to go)

PUNCH LIST OF DESIGN WORK – I can get things done on your website (if a list of tasks/guidance is provided)

Email Sequences & Funnels

TAGGING AND EMAIL CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION – I can set up your email account with correct tagging conventions and automation.

EMAIL SEQUENCES – I can create your nurture sequence or emails for an upcoming launch.

FUNNEL INTEGRATION AND SETUP – I can set up and integrate your funnel using your chosen tech stack.


Courses & Memberships

COURSE DESIGN OR SETUP – I can help you design your course or set up your course in the chosen course platform.

PRESENTATION OR COURSE DESIGN – I can prepare presentation slides or help you get everything ready for a successful course launch.

CRM Setup & Systems

DUBSADO – I can build out your Dubsado platform with your branding, forms, canned emails, scheduler, workflows, and more.

HONEYBOOK – I can build your Honeybook with all of your relevant proposals, brochures, workflows,  integrations, and more.

Client Love

“Go with Flo did a website backend sweep for me, making my site mobile-friendly and accessible and helping me get the website up and running. The result was amazing! I’m so happy with the way she was able to see my brand and seamlessly make all the website elements work together without compromising the design and brand voice.” 

how to automate your client onboarding process with a CRM
I have a podcast, a merch store and an online writing workshop. Although this all makes sense as one entity to ME, it’s not the easiest thing to explain to someone, in terms of building a website! Tara Lynn got it right away. She understood my aesthetic and knew exactly what I was looking for. She went above and beyond the call of duty and continued to help me with all of the technical and creative things I couldn’t grasp.
The first time I saw my new site, I was in love. The changes I made were super subtle and I think we only had a couple back & forths, in terms of design. I’m a big fan of working with kind and patient people and Tara-Lynn exemplifies both of these qualities, and so much more!

Jeni B.
This is it actually


Your Virtual Assistant VIP Day Includes:

  • A kickoff quiz to understand your needs
  • Pre-VIP strategy call to get clear on each task I’m taking off your plate
  • A full day of my undivided attention to you and your business
  • 7 days of post-VIP Day support by Slack or email
  • Access to post-VIP Day training videos relevant to your business and operations
  • Your biggest challenges completed without frustration or delays

$1500 CAD


Here’s How Virtual Assistant VIP Days Work

Inquire & Book

Fill out this form and we will be in touch with a meeting invite. This is where you and I will brainstorm what tasks I can take off your plate and coordinate what date your VIP Day will fall on. You will need to be available to provide feedback or possibly hop on a call to view my work throughout the day, so we’ll be mindful to choose a day you can be available.

Review and Sign Your Custom Proposal

After our initial chat, I will send over a proposal detailing how your VIP Day will work, reiterating the date, as well as important information regarding policies and turnaround time.

Pre-VIP Day Strategy Call

We’ll schedule your Pre-VIP call should happen no less than 7 days before your scheduled VIP day. This is where we will sync up on expectations and deliverables, and do a final check that we have everything we need (like login details, branding, etc.). 

Your VIP Day

This will run from 10 am to 5 pm EST. While you’re sleeping in or taking care of your clients, I’ll be working on your business in the background. You can expect my undivided attention. If I need your feedback on anything, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I will provide a detailed recap of what was completed at the end of the day, as well as all deliverables.

Post-VIP Day Support

Did you think I’d leave you hanging at 5 pm? No! Your support period for any assistance you may need after your Virtual Assistant VIP Day starts when your VIP day is done. You’ll receive 7 days of support via email to answer any questions as you start using your new setup.

Picture this

Your Talent Is Being Wasted

Just Image…

All the hours you can save pulling your hair out trying to teach yourself random skills that are keeping you from revenue generation. You have every right to be frustrated. You have a vision for how you want your website to look, and how you want your operations to run, but you have no idea where to start.

You’re not alone. I’ve been a VA for a decade and it’s a common problem for business owners. If you are confused about what you need or where to start when it comes to your website, CRM systems, and anything related to tech… you’ve come to the right place!

A VIP day with me can clear your path.

Are you ready to finally check off your to-do list?

I’m ready when you are!

Take the first step to get your very own VA for a day.