What Virtual Assistant Skills are in Demand?

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Virtual assistants wear many hats and provide various different services. Depending on what you are looking for, there are many different skills that virtual assistants can add to your team. With loads of virtual assistants out there ready to help their next client, it’s important to look into WHO you are hiring so that you are hiring the right candidate. 


There are many types of virtual assistants. It’s important to hire the correct virtual assistant, otherwise it can make or break your productivity. 

If you onboard a web-developing VA in hopes that they can provide video editing, you may be in trouble. Doing your research into your potential VAs will eliminate the risk of bringing on someone who can’t provide the services you are looking for in your team.

Having discovery or consultation calls with your potential VA can provide some insight into what they are capable of, and how they fit with what you’re looking for.


With virtual assistant demand being heavily increased over the years, a lot of business owners and creatives are looking for specific tasks to be carried out by their potential team members. Based on market research, here are the top 5 skills that are in high demand for virtual assistants.


Top 5 skills that are in high demand for virtual assistants:

  • Office Administration

  • Social Media Management

  • Web Development

  • Audio/Video Editing

  • Misc. Assistance 


Office administration is by far the most in-demand skill required of virtual assistants over the past few years. With entrepreneurship and small businesses on the rise, outsourcing office administration is a no-brainer to optimize workflow. Tasks that would be considered ‘office management’ include inbox management, minor bookkeeping (invoicing clients, sending receipts, etc), scheduling meetings/appointments, creating presentations, data entry, etc.


With social media becoming more and more relevant in today’s society, social media marketing has erupted over the past couple of years. Businesses are taking more time into marketing their businesses and getting their name out there. By hiring a social media manager, you can ensure that your social media platforms are coherent and cohesive. Tasks that would be considered ‘social media management’ include content creation, analytics research, hashtag research, scheduling of content, engagement, and much more. 


Gone are the days when people would flock to their phonebook or mailbox for companies and/or businesses to hire – Google has taken over. The average person completes 3-4 searches per day.  Ensuring that your business is on the first page of Google searches is crucial depending on the industry that you are in. Virtual Assistants that specialize in web design and development, like me, understand the importance of your branding in the virtual sense. Tasks that would be considered ‘web development’ include search engine optimization (SEO), website creation, coding, and more.


YouTube, TikTok, and podcasting have taken the internet by storm in the past 5 years. With content leaning more towards audio and video, making sure your content is edited correctly is extremely important. Whether you are looking to make sure your podcast audio is crisp with no awkward pauses or ensure that your YouTube tutorial has flawless transitions, a VA that can edit for you will make sure that your content is consumed without flaws, and brings your vision to life.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how many tasks you actually have to complete in a day or in a week. With a VA, you will never forget another task ever again! There are many virtual assistants that offer miscellaneous services like: 

  • Minute taking
  • Research
  • Assist with HR responsibilities
  • Purchase client gifts
  • Book travel and accommodation
  • Generate internal documents 
  • And much more



Expanding your team can be a very scary and nerve-racking process. Doing your research and determining what roles need to be filled within your business will improve your chances of operating efficiently, rather than guessing what you need. Whether you need help with administrative tasks or you need a social media re-brand, there is a virtual assistant or social media manager out there for you!

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